Q: Why is it important to dry salad greens?

A: Even a small amount of moisture on salad greens can prevent the oils in your dressing from sticking to the greens. Instead, it slides off the leaves and pools in the bottom of the bowl, mixing with the excess moisture and becoming watered down. In addition, having excess moisture in the salad bowl will make your salad wilt much more quickly.

Q: Will the Salad Sling remove every single drop of water from my greens?

A: It depends on how many greens you dry at a time, the size and shape of the leaf, etc. If there is any remaining moisture on the leaves, you can simply pat it dry with the handles.

Q: I've been using a dish towel/pillowcase to sling greens for years! Why should I get a Salad Sling?

A: The Salad Sling was inspired by this very thing, but with one important difference - a waterproof liner! With the Salad Sling, you can sling greens but the moisture stays contained inside the towel instead of flying around. So you never need to go outside or step into the shower to sling your greens dry.

Q: How many greens can I dry at a time?

A: You should be able to dry one large head of lettuce or bunch of greens. Alternatively, it will dry one bag or one plastic clamshell of pre-washed greens. 

Q: Will the Salad Sling damage or bruise my greens?

A: No. Even if you swing the Sling with furious abandon, the greens are cradled inside and will not be damaged.

Q: Can I use my Salad Sling to dry anything besides lettuce?

A: Sure! It will dry anything that's wet, but works best with greens, lettuce and herbs.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If you're not pleased with the Salad Sling, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. See our full return policy here.

Q: Is the fabric safe for food contact?

A: Yes, it is. It is BPA-free and meets all FDA and California Prop 65 standards for safe food packaging. 

Q: How large is the Salad Sling?

A: 30" wide by 30" long, measuring from handle to handle. At its longest (diagonally across the center), it measures 42" wide. At its narrowest point (across the center point) it is 18" wide.

Q: How should I wash my Salad Sling?

A: We recommend washing your Sling in hot water with like colors. No bleach. We do not recommend using fabric softener, as this can diminish the absorbency of the microfiber material over time. Tumble dry low, cool iron if needed.

Q: How often should I wash my Salad Sling?

A: We recommend that you wash it after each use, but it's your preference. Each Sling has a fabric loop sewn into the center seam so that you can hang it up to dry between uses if desired.