The Salad Sling

The World's Best Greens-Drying Device, As seen on "Shark Tank"

A Better Salad Spinner

Say goodbye to watered-down dressing, soggy herbs and soupy greens. This patented design is less bulky, easier to wash and less expensive than traditional salad spinners. Its 3-layer design features ultra-absorbent microfiber and a waterproof barrier so you can sling your greens dry in seconds with no mess.

Salad Sling Original

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Space Saving

The Salad Sling folds up for easy storage in even the smallest kitchen.

Machine Washable

Simply throw the Salad Sling in the washing machine when you're done.


The unique 3-layer design means that after the first side is saturated, you can simply flip it over and use the dry side.

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