About Salad Sling

At long last, the Salad Sling provides an alternative to bulky, hard-to-wash salad spinners! Designed with perfect proportions and super-functional materials, the Salad Sling dries greens in seconds using centrifugal force.

Born of a humble dish towel, the Sling was invented quite accidentally out of frustration with using traditional Salad Spinners, which work well but are obnoxious to wash and store. We upgraded the dish towel to a super-absorbent microfiber to pull moisture from the surface of greens, and added a waterproof liner to keep moisture contained while you sling it. In addition, we created a shape and size that's just right for drying a bunch of lettuce (or kale, or herbs, or whatever) quickly, easily, and pretty darn enjoyably.

It's machine-washable, easy to store, and costs less than the leading salad spinner. And if you don't like it, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.